United States Coast Guard Documentation

United States Coast Guard Documentation Forms Available Here

United States Coast Guard Documentation has come to an end for those looking for them. Vessel Documentation Center offers various distinct services, including certificates that have been developed by maritime authorities to deal with difficulties related to yacht registration. Authorities with years of experience in dealing with boat registration and record-keeping concerns provide the United…

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Vessel Bill Of Sale

US Vessel Bill of Sale Explained

The vessel bill of sale in the United States can be confusing for first-time boat owners. When purchasing a recreational or commercial vessel, you will almost certainly be required to complete some bill of sale form, but understanding exactly how and where to begin can be confusing and complicated. When purchasing a boat, it is…

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Vessel Documentation Search

Vessel Documentation Search by HIN Or Official Number

All boats must be registered with the USCG in order for them to maintain track of their fleet. You may be able to locate information about your boat’s records using a vessel documentation search by number or Hull ID Number (HIN). The Vessel Documentation Center website’s Search page makes it easy to find the information…

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Renew Coast Guard Documentation

Why Should You Renew Your Coast Guard Documentation with Us?

Have you ever spent an hour and a half in line at the DMV to renew coast guard documentation? Get sick of visiting the DMV and filling out those tedious documents every few years. Your Coast Guard paperwork may now be renewed online at the Vessel Documentation Center. Boat owners no longer have to wait…

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Boat Bill Of Sale

Warranty Boat Bill Of Sale: What Is It, and How It Works

If you’ve ever bought a dealership-advertised secondhand boat, you undoubtedly have a warranty bill of sale in your filing cabinet. With this document, you’ll be able to establish that your boat includes specific guarantees and that warranty repair will be performed directly by the manufacturer or reseller. A boat warranty bill of sale is a…

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Vessel Documentation

Vessel Documentation: Important Data You Need To Know

As owners of vessels, we are obligated by both federal and state governments to conform to regulations known as vessel documentation. Non-documented boats can’t grow their length, participate in specific nighttime operations, or do any other activity permitted by vessel documentation without adequate paperwork. The USCG conducts inspections and exams on all vessels as part…

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Documented Vessel

The Benefits of Having a Properly Documented Vessel

Are you a member of the United States Coast Guard’s registry? Congratulations! You have now become the happy owner of a documented vessel, which entitles you to several perks. It is required by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) that all boats, even those belonging to private individuals, be recorded. Having an adequately registered yacht…

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