46 CFR Part 67 (Subpart I) And Vessel Marking Requirements

If you have a large vessel, it is important to understand USCG regulations regarding boating. These are the rules that you are obliged to follow when operating your vessel in US waters. If you do not comply with these rules, then you may be fined heavily, or worse. If you are just beginning ownership of…

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Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation & Other Available Forms, Services

Being on a boat is exciting. There’s basically nothing else in life like it. Some other exciting times in boat ownership: when you’re buying a boat (that’s new to you) and when you’re going to sell it to someone else. When those situations arise, a transfer exchange of USCG documentation could be just what you…

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Boat Documentation Services

Boat Documentation Services for When the Waters Grow Choppy

Has something recently occurred in your life that you feel may negatively affect your vessel documentation situation? Does it feel as if you should respond, in some way, in terms of updating or changing your documentation yet you’re unsure exactly what that could be? These are the kinds of concerns that vessel owners face quite…

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Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

A Guide on Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

After 30 days of expiration, you must apply for vessel documentation reinstatement. Bear in mind that reinstatement does not entitle a vessel to documentation. Only the current Certificate of Documentation is valid for operating a vessel. If you are looking forward to operating a ship, you must keep your documentation valid and up to date….

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best vessel documentation center

Benefits of Working with Best Vessel Documentation Center

The boat that is being used for recreational purposes doesn’t need to be registered by the federal government. However, the boats that are intended to be used for commercial purposes need to have the vessel documentation. When a boat is properly documented, it is easier to travel in foreign countries. A certificate of Documentation is used…

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U S Coast Guard Documented Vessels

Characteristics Of U.S. Coast Guard Documented Vessels

Vessels that have passed inspection and been granted approval by the United States Coast Guard are U.S. Coast Guard documented vessels. They have an exclusive registration number and formal documents from the United States Coast Guard. This certificate is given out to boats that have shown that they can meet specific safety criteria and are…

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