Documenting a Vessel (Without Losing Your Mind)

Documenting a Vessel (Without Losing Your Mind)

Documenting a vessel shouldn’t be difficult. It shouldn’t be the kind of process that takes up hours of your time or keeps you from doing other important tasks. Indeed, that’s why we made our site. When you use our site to document your vessel, you can take a task that used to require hours and get it done in a matter of minutes. Moreover, we make it so that you can do this from practically anywhere. If you look at our website, it’s more than a web address, it’s a promise: it says that you can get vessel documentation from us.

Documenting a Vessel Easier

If you go to our site, you’ll find it in big letters on the left: “Initial Vessel Documentation.” That’s the one you want to click on. That’s how you can start the documentation process easier. Once you click on that, you’ll find that we have all of the most important parts marked with a little asterisk, so that you know what you have to focus on. We understand that some of this might be a bit confusing if this is your first time, so we make sure to include helpful tips at the bottom of some of the more challenging passages. If you’re ever unsure how much further there is to go, you can find follow the status bar at the top. There are only three pages, and then you’re done!

Documenting a Vessel

Mobile Optimization

Before the internet, folks were stuck filling these forms out by hand. In the earlier days of online vessel documentation, these sites were really only best accessible through laptops and desktops. We made our site to be fully mobile optimized. That means that it can open easily on any smartphone or mobile device. This kind of freedom makes it easier than ever to fill out your documentation because you don’t have to be tied to a computer to do it.

Your Documentation on Your Schedule

So, you can fill in your documentation whenever you have a moment. Have a long lunch at work? Fill in your documentation. In a long line at the bank? Fill in your documentation. Really, you can take care of your documentation basically anywhere that you have a working internet connection. That means that you can even do it at a car wash, or on your vessel in port. When you have some free time and the internet, you can clear up that pesky documentation for good.

More than the Initial Documentation

Of course, once you fill out that initial documentation, that doesn’t mean that we’re unable to help you. Indeed, throughout the entire process of you owning your boat, we can get you the papers that you need in documenting a vessel. When it comes time to renew your vessel, we’ve got you covered. When you want to change your name or hailing port, we’ve got you there, too. Should you ever sell your vessel, we can assist there as well. When you need us, just call (866) 981-8783.