Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

A Guide on Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

After 30 days of expiration, you must apply for vessel documentation reinstatement. Bear in mind that reinstatement does not entitle a vessel to documentation. Only the current Certificate of Documentation is valid for operating a vessel. If you are looking forward to operating a ship, you must keep your documentation valid and up to date….

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Documented Vessel

The Benefits of Having a Properly Documented Vessel

Are you a member of the United States Coast Guard’s registry? Congratulations! You have now become the happy owner of a documented vessel, which entitles you to several perks. It is required by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) that all boats, even those belonging to private individuals, be recorded. Having an adequately registered yacht…

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USCG application for documentation

What You Can Do After Your USCG Application for Documentation Goes Through

Did you just send in your USCG application for documentation and are wondering: “now what?” Do you have a nagging feeling in the back of your head that there’s something you have to do to stay in compliance? So many of the vessel owners we talk to didn’t get started in boating so that they…

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Vessel Documentation

Vessel Documentation: Important Data You Need To Know

As owners of vessels, we are obligated by both federal and state governments to conform to regulations known as vessel documentation. Non-documented boats can’t grow their length, participate in specific nighttime operations, or do any other activity permitted by vessel documentation without adequate paperwork. The USCG conducts inspections and exams on all vessels as part…

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USCG Documentation

Learn Why USCG Documentation is Important for Your Boat

If you are the owner of a USCG Vessel, you know how critical it is to have all required documents in order at all times. But are you aware of the reasons behind the significance of this USCG documentation? The United States Coast Guard is aware of the significance of a vessel possessing appropriate paperwork…

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Vessel Documentation Search

Doing a Vessel Documentation Search Online At Our Website

Want to learn more about the past of the vessel you just bought? If so, the Vessel documentation Center may assist you in conducting a vessel documentation search. You may use this tool to determine whether your boat has had any previous problems. Additionally, the VDC may assist you in determining the current value of…

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