Vessel Documentation Search

The Importance of Vessel Documentation Search: How to Verify Ownership and Avoid Scams

Are you planning to buy a used boat or simply wish to verify the ownership of your own vessel? Conducting a vessel documentation search is a vital step. The US Coast Guard (USCG) maintains a National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) that houses records of all documented vessels. But why do you need to conduct a…

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free boat title search

Free Boat Title Search: Is It Worth the Risk?

Boat title fraud is a growing concern, often preying on buyers seeking good deals. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) highlights a surge in deceptive vessel titles, resulting in substantial losses for owners and insurers. Opting for a free boat title search may not uncover these sophisticated scams, posing a risk to your investment.  To…

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Vessel Search

Unlock Your Boat’s History Before Spring Adventures with USCG Vessel Search

Springtime ushers in the siren call for maritime enthusiasts to return to the waters. It’s also a bustling pre-season for the used boat market, where diligent research becomes the keel of smart purchasing decisions. At the National Documentation Portal, we understand the excitement and the caution that comes with buying, selling, or simply exploring the…

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USCG documentation search by name

USCG Documentation Search by Name and Number at Home or Abroad

Have you been looking for the perfect vessel but worry that you aren’t getting “the full story?” Do you know a vessel’s name or number and aren’t sure about how to find out more? This is one more area where we can help. At Vessel Documentation Online, we have forms that can enable you to…

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