Vessel Bill of Sale

Explaining a Boat Transaction: Vessel Bill of Sale

If you do not want to be implicated in problematic situations, it is important to know every step of a boat transaction before getting yourself involved in one. One of those steps is of course the vessel bill of sale. This article will then explain how to write one, what information should be included in…

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Boat Bill of Sale

Steps to Prepare Your Boat Bill of Sale

If you’re a US vessel owner, it’s essential to understand the steps involved in transferring your boat ownership. A Bill of Sale is a necessary document for this process, and it’s vital to ensure everything is in order before you sell your boat. Whoever claims boat ownership must first substantiate their claim with the title….

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why do i need a coast guard bill of sale

Why Do I Need a Coast Guard Bill of Sale 1340?

Have you been given conflicting information concerning the significance of possessing a Coast Guard Bill of Sale 1340? This paperwork is necessary for recording and safeguarding your ownership of the vessel. You will need it regardless of whether you intend to purchase or sell a USCG vessel. This article will cover all you need to…

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