Vessel Bill of Sale

How Can You Get a Boat Title with a Vessel Bill Of Sale

Documents like a Vessel Bill of Sale are legal documents that allow buyers and sellers to transfer ownership of boats and other vessels in written form. It is commonly used in the marine industry. When purchasing or selling a vessel, a Bill of Sale formalizes the transaction and makes it legally binding. In all maritime…

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certificate of documentation

Obtaining Your Certificate of Documentation Online

Every ship in the United States requires to carry proper documentation to operate legally. One of the most important documents of a vessel is the certificate of documentation. Comply with the authorities to be a responsible boat owner at all times. The certificate of documentation applies only for federal-level documented vessels under the United States…

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boat Abstract of Title

How to Get a Boat’s Abstract of Title Online (and Why You Might Want to)

Does it seem like it’s more challenging to get information about a boat than it should be? Do you ever find yourself filling out one vessel documentation form after another only to get frustrated and want to just not do it anymore? You aren’t alone. Before we started our site, we were just like you:…

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Coast Guard vessel documentation

Applying for the Coast Guard Vessel Documentation For the First Time

Did you recently purchase a vessel of a certain size? Do you know how you want to use your vessel but aren’t sure of all of the paperwork involved? There’s nothing quite so exciting as purchasing a vessel. Whether it’s the first time or the hundredth, you can feel the potential and promise from the…

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USCG application for documentation

What You Can Do After Your USCG Application for Documentation Goes Through

Did you just send in your USCG application for documentation and are wondering: “now what?” Do you have a nagging feeling in the back of your head that there’s something you have to do to stay in compliance? So many of the vessel owners we talk to didn’t get started in boating so that they…

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Preferred Ship Mortgage Form

Liens, Mortgages & More: The Preferred Ship Mortgage Form You May Need

Are you interested in getting a mortgage on your vessel? Have you been looking for an easier way to complete the documentation that you need? At our Vessel Documentation Online site, the Preferred Ship Mortgage Form is just one of the forms that we offer related to vessel financing. Whether you want to start a…

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documentation service

A Better Quality of Vessel Documentation Service

Have you been looking for a vessel documentation service that actually does make the vessel documentation process easier? Are you tired of having to spend way too much time completing vessel documentation forms that could be done in a few minutes? We hear you. Those were some of our concerns as vessel owners, which led…

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American Vessel Documentation

Keeping Your American Vessel Documentation Up to Date as Life Changes

Have you gone through changes in your life and aren’t sure how to make certain your vessel documentation is in compliance? Does it feel like you should update your American vessel documentation, but you don’t know exactly how to go about doing so? This is the kind of thing that we started our Vessel Documentation…

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