documentation requirements

Tips for US Vessel Owners on How to Remain Compliant With Documentation Requirements

If you are the owner of a vessel in the United States, then you know that there are specific documentation requirements that you are obligated to fulfill to stay in compliance. For instance, if you intend to take your yacht or boat outside of the country, you will be responsible for ensuring that it is…

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Having Trouble Dealing with the USCG Documentation Center

Having Trouble Dealing with the USCG Documentation Center?

You are trying to get your business in order so that you can have your commercial vessel ready to get started and your new business venture can get off the ground. You have done everything you think that you need to do, but you keep having trouble getting your Certificate of Documentation (COD) from the…

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National Vessel Documentation Center forms

National Vessel Documentation Center Forms

Are you in the process of looking for the perfect boat? Or, have you owned your boat for a while and are looking for documentation to reflect changes in your life? Here at Vessel Documentation Online, we’ve helped vessel owners with their documentation at every step of vessel ownership. There is nothing, nothing in life…

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USCG Forms

Will Your USCG Forms Be Affected By Government Shutdowns?

The government shutdown has affected a number of industries, and maritime services are not exempt from agency problems. The shutdown affects the handling of maritime services in a number of ways. Firstly, because they are not paying their staff, there is a lack of personal in your offices to handle paperwork, and secondly because they…

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