Coast Guard Portal

How Our Portal Helps with Starting American Vessel Documentation

Did you just purchase your dream vessel and aren’t sure what vessel documentation is necessary? Or, alternatively, are you unclear about whether or not you have to document your vessel? American vessel documentation rules can be a bit opaque, to say the very least. Our National Documentation Portal was specifically designed to make them clearer. …

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Vessel Documentation

Vessel Documentation to Help You Change Course

Has a misfortune befallen your vessel, causing you to have to change the course of your life? Have you recently encountered a watery mishap with your boat, leaving you feeling adrift and unsure of your next move? Our portal can help. Here, we offer vessel documentation solutions to help you through any stage of vessel…

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Coast Guard Documentation

What Vessel Owners Need to Know About Coast Guard Documentation

Are you unsure about whether or not to document your vessel with the Coast Guard? Does it seem like every online is telling you to do one thing or another? We designed our documentation portal to be a hub of information, a place where vessel owners from all walks of life could find documentation, sure,…

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how to register a boat without title

How to Register a Boat Without a Title: A State-by-State Guide – Part. 2

Navigating the waters of boat registration can seem like sailing through uncharted territory, but with the right compass, becoming shipshape is simpler than you might think. Whether you’re a boat owner, supplier, or broker, understanding the ins and outs of boat registration is essential. In today’s blog, we’ll demystify the process for five states, ensuring…

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how to register a boat without title

How to Register a Boat Without a Title: A State-by-State Guide

Navigating the waters of boat registration without a title can feel like setting sail in uncharted territory. It can be a perplexing task for new boat owners, manufacturers, brokers, and sellers alike, but it is essential for your craft’s legality and your peace of mind. At National Documentation Portal, we understand the tides of paperwork…

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National Documentation Portal

The National Documentation Portal: Always Open to Vessel Owners

Do you find it tiring to have to search all over the internet for the vessel documentation forms you need? Are you unsure about exactly which forms you’ll need and when? We created the National Documentation Portal to not just serve as a home of vessel documentation forms, but also as a home of vessel…

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builders certificate boat

Builders Certificate for Boats: A Timeless Document

Navigating the waters of boat ownership isn’t just about steering through the waves; it’s also about possessing the correct documentation that anchors the legitimacy of your marine treasure. The Builders Certificate for a boat is an essential document with a historical aura that has traversed through time. At National Documentation Portal, we understand the importance…

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USCG license renewal application

USCG License Renewal Application: Smooth Sailing Ahead with March Deadlines

Attention all maritime professionals! March marks the beginning of a bustling boating season and a crucial time for USCG license holders. Are you ready for a seamless USCG license renewal application process? Whether you’re a seasoned ship captain, a boat owner, a broker, or just setting your career afloat in maritime waters, staying current with…

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All Yacht Documentation

A Place to Find (And Find Out About) All Yacht Documentation

“Why do I have to bother with vessel documentation?” “Is all of this work really worth it?” Those are just some of the questions that we’re often asked by boat enthusiasts eager to set sail without bureaucratic entanglements. We get it. While vessel documentation may be onerous, it is important. Essentially all yacht documentation that’s…

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vessel name

The Power of a Vessel Name: Choosing the Perfect Identity

Spring signifies new beginnings and revitalization, making it the ideal season for boat owners to contemplate a meaningful change – a new name for their vessel. A boat’s name is more than a mere identifier; it encapsulates its essence, telling a story or carrying a significance that resonates with both those on board and onlookers….

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