What You Need For A Coast Guard Documentation Renewal

You are the proud owner of a vessel that regularly sails in and out of US waters. You have also registered the vessel with the US Coast Guard, protecting it when you are out on the water and making sure that it is a legal vessel to sail. While you are enjoying your time using…

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coast guard vessel documentation status

Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Status Changes Made Simple

Have you been looking to change your vessel’s documentation status but found it’s more difficult than you would like? When you start to research what it would take to alter your Coast Guard vessel documentation status, does it feel as if your head is swimming? The National Documentation Portal was specifically designed to help with…

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Coast Guard documentation number

A Coast Guard Documentation Number: What it Means and How You Can Use It

Do you know the difference between a Coast Guard documentation number and a state registration one? Have you been trying to find more information about a given vessel and aren’t sure where to start? While documentation isn’t necessary for all vessels, it offers numerous advantages for many vessel owners. Through our National Documentation Portal site…

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US vessel documentation

Every Coast Guard Registration Form in the Palm of Your Hand

The digital, nigh-paperless world didn’t always exist. In the past, if you had to get all of your vessel documents in one place, it wasn’t easy. You probably had to print them out or physically go to get them, which meant that you had to carry them, put them in some kind of folder or…

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Ship Documentation

The Right Ship Documentation for When Your Life Changes Course

Has something changed in your life that you think may need to be reflected in your vessel documentation? Did you move? Did you move your boat? Has a new owner joined your vessel (or has one left?) These are all life changes that require updating your ship documentation. The good news: we can help. Here…

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