How to Register a Boat From Anywhere at Any Time

Register a Boat

Have you been trying to figure out how to register a boat but it still seems like more of a challenge than it should be? Are you on the fence, so to speak, about whether to register your boat or not? Here at our vessel documentation site, we have helped many over the years to register their boat. Beyond that, we’ve also helped vessel owners to understand if they want to register their boats as well as why they may want to. 

Rush if You Need 

The actual process of registering your boat at our site is simply defined. Just click on “Initial” on our site and fill out the forms with the little marks on them. It really is that easy. If you want to get it done just a bit faster, to put your form at the top of our queue, we can help with that, too. Just opt for “rush processing” and we’ll make sure that you and your registration are our top priority. 

Qualifications to Meet 

You can register your boat if it measures at least five net tons and is owned by a US citizen. “Net tonnage,” of course, doesn’t measure weight, it measures volume. You can do the calculations, you can pay someone to do the measuring, or you can just look at your boat: if it’s longer than 25 feet, then you’ve got a vessel that measures at least five net tons. Even so, it’s your choice to register your vessel. It’s your choice, that is, unless you plan on using your vessel in commercial fishing or coastwise trade activities. Then, you have to register it. 

Don’t Worry About the Time or the Location 

If you go through our site, you can register your vessel how and when you would like. You can do it through our site 24/7. Our site was specifically designed to be something that will open on any device swiftly and quickly, so you aren’t tied to a desktop or anything like that. Moreover, our site has been SSL encrypted, meaning that it has the best security currently available. If something better comes along we’ll use that, as we see it as one more way that we can provide the best services for the vessel owners we work with. 

Register a Boat

Now You Know How to Register a Boat, What Else You Can Do 

Of course, once you’ve registered your vessel, if you’re like so many, in a year’s time, you’re going to want to renew it. You can use our site for that as well. In fact, if you’d like you can renew for up to five years in advance. We have plenty of other documentation forms for registered vessels. You can choose to apply for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, change your endorsement (if necessary) and so much more. To see all of the ways that we can help you in addition to registering your vessel, we encourage you to view the rest of our site.