Vessel Documentation Search

Doing a Vessel Documentation Search Online At Our Website

Want to learn more about the past of the vessel you just bought? If so, the Vessel documentation Center may assist you in conducting a vessel documentation search. You may use this tool to determine whether your boat has had any previous problems. Additionally, the VDC may assist you in determining the current value of…

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boat bill of sale

A Guide on the Boat Bill Of Sale in California

The boat bill of sale records the transfer of ownership between two parties trading in watercraft or boating equipment. A legally enforceable document means that if there is a disagreement about the provisions set forth within it, the document will be enforced. In California, if you are a vessel owner, you are probably acquainted with…

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Vessel Transfer of Ownership

Our Vessel Transfer of Ownership Form Explained

A Vessel Transfer of Ownership form is a document that must be completed and submitted to the US Coast Guard when you sell a vessel. It will be under the type of Certificate of Documentation, which indicates if that vessel has a Certificate of USCG Documentation or not. As soon as you begin selling your…

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Vessel Documentation Renewal

Vessel Documentation Renewal Made It Easy For You

It seems that it is time to process your vessel documentation renewal, but you are unsure of when this should take place. Did you attempt to go through the procedure of renewing your Coast Guard paperwork but found it to be too time-consuming and so put it off until later? It’s crucial to keep your…

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USCG vessel Documentation

How Do I Process USCG Vessel Documentation In 2022?

USCG vessel documentation is a mandatory type of registration on a national level. Since the 11th Act of the First Congress, it’s been a part of the government. Verification provides exclusive proof of nationality, which facilitates international trade and allows boats to participate in limited trades like coastwise trade and fisheries. Preferred mortgages on recorded…

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Boat Bill Of Sale

How to Write a Boat Bill of Sale in 6 Easy Steps

In legal terms, a boat bill of sale documents the transfer of boat ownership from one party to another. It’s similar to the receipt you’d receive from a shop, but it has far greater legal authority and implications. Autos, machines, appliances, and yachts are some of the most expensive items that people buy with them. …

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Vessel Bill of Sale

How Can You Get a Boat Title with a Vessel Bill Of Sale

Documents like a Vessel Bill of Sale are legal documents that allow buyers and sellers to transfer ownership of boats and other vessels in written form. It is commonly used in the marine industry. When purchasing or selling a vessel, a Bill of Sale formalizes the transaction and makes it legally binding. In all maritime…

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