register boat without title

Registering a Boat Without a Title: Navigating Tricky Waters

When it comes to pre-season preparations, avid boaters and entrepreneurs scour the market for their next great aquatic venture. Often, this includes finding “project” boats—vessels that hold potential for restoration, sale, or enjoyment. However, what happens when you discover the perfect boat only to realize it comes without a title? This blog post, brought to…

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documentation center

Sail Through Red Tape: The Essential Guide to National Documentation Center Online Forms

The open sea beckons, but before you set sail, there’s one crucial step you can’t overlook — your vessel’s documentation. Thankfully, the tide has turned in the favor of boat owners, buyers, and brokers, thanks to the online tools offered by the National Documentation Center. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a curious newcomer to…

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NOAA boat registry

NOAA Boat Registry: What You Need To Know Before Spring Boating Season

As the winter season approaches its end, the thought of enjoying warm days on the water gets more and more exciting. However, before you set sail, you must ensure you’ve fulfilled all the mandatory requirements for the NOAA boat registry.  This comprehensive guide will help you understand the process and enable you to comply with…

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