Vessel Documentation Forms

Renew Certificate

Renew your Certificate of Documentation for up to five years in advance.

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Change of Address

Change the physical or mailing address on your Certificate of Documentation.

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Abstract of Title

Discover more information about a vessel.

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Initial Vessel Documentation

Document your vessel with the Coast Guard.

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Transfer/Exchange ownership of the vessel, change the managing owner, and more.

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Reinstatement of Documentation

Reinstate a certificate that expired more than thirty days ago.

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Certified Copy of Documentation

Acquire a certified copy of the vessel’s certificate as it exists on record.

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Deletion from USCG Documentation

Delete the vessel from US Coast Guard documentation.

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Replacement of Certificate of Documentation

Replace the Certificate of Documentation if it has been lost or mutilated.

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Change of Vessel Name or Hailing Port

Change the vessel’s name or its hailing port.

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Change of Endorsement/Trade Indicator

Change your vessel’s endorsement or trade indicator.

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Satisfaction/Release of Mortgage

Apply for a satisfaction of mortgage.

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Preferred Ship Mortgage

Apply for a First Preferred Ship’s Mortgage for your documented vessel.

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Notice of Claim of Lien (NCL)

Apply for a recording of a claim of lien against a documented vessel.

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Marad Small Vessel Waiver

Apply for a waiver of the US-build requirement to conduct limited passenger operations in America.

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Foreign Vessel Title Seach Request

Discover more information about vessels in select foreign countries.

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Document Upload

Use this form to upload relevant information (USCG 1340 Bill of Sale, Last Will and Testament, Previous COD) to your USCG Documentation application processing.

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Vessel Documentation Search

Conduct a vessel documentation search by Official Number and HIN.

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