US vessel registration

You’ve Gotten Your Initial US Vessel Registration, Now What?

The task has been completed. You purchased your boat, got everything together, and now it’s yours. To make sure that you can get out on the water legally, you’ve gotten your initial US vessel registration. This is a genuine accomplishment, the kind of occasion you should savor and celebrate. The thing is, that’s not the…

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US Vessel Registry

US Vessel Registry: Where It Comes From, How to Get On It and Stay On It

In the process of determining whether or not to document your vessel, have you ever wondered what exactly the US Vessel Registry is? Have you thought about why you might want to have your vessel on it? The registry is anything but new. Indeed, its roots run deep, tracing back to the very beginning of…

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Vessel Documentation

Vessel Documentation to Make Owning a Vessel Easier

Does the process of completing vessel documentation seem like it’s more challenging than it should be? Do you want to make it easier to find and fill out the boat documentation you need? We can help.  Embarking on the journey of vessel ownership often comes with the need for boat documentation services, and for many,…

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May I Renew My Vessel Documentation Early

May I Renew My Vessel Documentation Early?

May I renew my Vessel Documentation early? The US Coast Guard Documentation Center will send you a renewal notice 45 days before your certificate expires. It means that you can submit your application for renewal before the expiration date. It is now easy to submit your renewal application. At, you may go to the…

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