When You Need Coast Guard Renewal Documentation and When You Don’t

Coast Guard Renewal Documentation

Have you been wondering if it’s the right time for your Coast Guard renewal of documentation? Do you find that it’s more difficult to renew your documentation than it should be? That’s just one of the reasons that we started the National Documentation Portal in the first place. Here, we know how onerous it can be to have to renew your documentation year after year. Thus, we’ve done quite a bit to make it easier to do so. Below are some of the questions we’re often asked. 

When Can I Renew My Coast Guard Documentation? 

We recommend doing so within thirty days of your documentation expiring. To do it earlier than that can change the month that your documentation becomes due the next year. For example, say that your documentation expires in November. You like to do things ahead of time, so you decide to renew in September. That takes care of the current year, sure, but, next year, when your renewal is due again, it’ll be due this time in September. Thus, you basically lost a bit of money. Doing it within 30 days is the best course of action. 

How Does Coast Guard Renewal Documentation Work? 

At our site, renewal is a streamlined process. Simply click on the icon on our home page, then go to the renewal form, fill out the form (if you’re really pressed for time, just complete the ones with the little mark by them), and then send it in. In fact, if you want to further expedite the matter, you can opt for “rush processing” as well. We see it as one more way that we can help our clients with the process. 

My Documentation Expired, Can I Still Renew It? 

You can’t “renew” it. But, you will be able to “reinstate” it. If your documentation has expired for 30 days or more, then you’re going to need to reinstate your documentation. You can do that through our site as well. Simply click on the “reinstatement” option on our home page and follow the steps listed above in regard to completion. 

I Lost My Certificate of Documentation. What Now? 

If you don’t have a physical Certificate of Documentation, then your registration is no longer valid. Thus, you need to get a “replacement,” which, thankfully, you can also do through our site. To keep this from happening in the future and protect your registration, you can get a Certified Copy through us as well. 

Coast Guard Renewal Documentation

A National Documentation Portal for National Documentation 

At our site, most likely, the most popular form is the one for renewal. That said, that’s far from all of the documentation that we offer. Indeed, you’ll be able to find all of the forms that you need throughout the course of vessel ownership. You can even get your initial registration, delete it (should that be necessary), and much, much more. To see all of the ways that we help vessel owners, view the rest of our site.