USCG documentation forms

USCG Documentation Forms for When You Change Course

Has your life changed dramatically since you registered your vessel and you aren’t sure what does and doesn’t have to be updated with your registration? Have you gone from one online documentation site to another looking for the forms you need but you can’t quite find them? When your life transitions, your documentation may have…

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US Coast Guard registration

US Coast Guard Registration for Commercial and Recreational Vessels

Your vessel registration is one of the most important documents relating to your use of your boat, if not the most. Why? Because it represents not only your ownership over the boat and permission to use it, but it also represents your standing with the US Coast Guard registration. Like all other bureaucratic processes and…

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USCG documentation search by name

USCG Documentation Search by Name and Number at Home or Abroad

Have you been looking for the perfect vessel but worry that you aren’t getting “the full story?” Do you know a vessel’s name or number and aren’t sure about how to find out more? This is one more area where we can help. At Vessel Documentation Online, we have forms that can enable you to…

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Contacting the U S Coast Guard Documentation Center

Contacting the U.S. Coast Guard Documentation Center

Any time that you are dealing with government entities, there is the possibility of confusion, frustration, and anxiety. We all know the bureaucracy that we can face when we do things like pay taxes or look for information about property you have interest in buying. Even registering your car can be a hassle for you…

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Coast Guard Documentation

Say Yes to Coast Guard Documentation

Boat owners like their boats. They like being on their boats, taking their boats out on the water, and just getting the most enjoyment possible out of their boats.  One thing most owners don’t like, however, is paperwork. Getting Coast Guard documentation can seem like an unnecessary burden, but it can actually come in quite…

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