What National Vessel Documentation Center Forms We Offer

National Vessel Documentation Center

National Vessel Documentation Center 

Have you been looking for a “one stop shop” for vessel documentation? Does it feel like when you go to a so-called “National Vessel Documentation Center” they only have a few of the forms that you would associate with a “center?” A site that says it has “documentation” should, well, have more than one kind of document. That’s what we offer at our Vessel Documentation Online site. Here, you can find just about all of the documents that you might need through the course of vessel ownership. That includes ones that you may not have encountered before. 

Change of Address/Hailing Port 

We can’t predict exactly the directions our lives will go. Sure, we can influence events and make decisions, but it’s impossible to say that you’ll know where you’ll be a few years from now. When changes occur, they have to be kept up with when it comes to your documentation. For example, if you move your vessel from one hailing port to another, you have to update your hailing port documentation. The same goes for if you move your physical mailing address, too. We have the  forms to help you do exactly that. 

Change of Endorsement/Trade Indicator

For some, Coastwise trade is a great way to make plenty of money. Perhaps you got your vessel registered, picked the Coastwise endorsement, and done very well with it. However, it could be that you found you could make more with a fishing vessel, or maybe there are great opportunities for you and your vessel overseas in foreign trade. When something like that occurs, we have the forms that allow you to change your endorsement. That way, you can always be in compliance no matter how you use your vessel. 

MARAD Small Vessel Waiver

American has some of the best vessels in the world. That said, maybe you have a foreign-built vessel that you want to use for some very limited commercial passenger operations here in the U.S. That may sound like it’s impossible, but it’s not – that’s where this waiver comes in. Now, as you might imagine, there are some rather stringent rules and regulations that come along with this documentation. But, with this MARAD small vessel waiver, you can conduct business how you would like. 

A True Online National Vessel Documentation Center 

The above are just some of the forms that you might find at our site. The truth is that, when we designed our site, we wanted to build a place that vessel owners could come back to, again and again, to find the documentation that they needed. So, you could use us to get your initial vessel documentation. Then, you could come back to our site to renew it, too. From there, you could even get a replacement certificate if yours is lost, start a mortgage, or satisfy one. When it’s time to buy a new vessel, we’ve got the Abstract of Title, too. To see all that our site has, pay us a visit or call (866) 981-8783.