Certificate of Documentation

A Certificate of Documentation and Safe Boating: Hand in Hand

There’s nothing like boating in summer. Sure, when you go out on your boat in the winter, with the crisp wind in your hair, the leafless trees on the shore, white as far as the eye can see, that’s special. But it’s not summer. It’s not the warm sun, the cool air, swimsuits, suntans, and…

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USCG application

USCG Application for Initial Registration: Leaving Port

Before you head out on the water, do you go through an entire safety check? If you’re like so many other vessels, you check your gasoline, your flares, your lights, your personal flotation devices, your phones, your radio, and much, much more. You probably let someone on land know where you’re going and when you…

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US Coast Guard registration

US Coast Guard Registration for Commercial and Recreational Vessels

Your vessel registration is one of the most important documents relating to your use of your boat, if not the most. Why? Because it represents not only your ownership over the boat and permission to use it, but it also represents your standing with the US Coast Guard registration. Like all other bureaucratic processes and…

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USCG forms

USCG Forms That Involve Liens, Mortgages, and More

Do you want to secure financing for your vessel? Does the idea of getting a mortgage on a boat appeal to you, but you aren’t sure what all that entails? Financing can make owning a vessel that much easier. Whether you’re using the vessel for recreation or commercially, not having to pay for the entire…

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USCG documentation forms

USCG Documentation Forms for When You Change Course

Has your life changed dramatically since you registered your vessel and you aren’t sure what does and doesn’t have to be updated with your registration? Have you gone from one online documentation site to another looking for the forms you need but you can’t quite find them? When your life transitions, your documentation may have…

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US Coast Guard documentation center

Our US Coast Guard Documentation Center Sets Us Apart

Have you been trying to find somewhere online you trust with your vessel documentation? Does each US Coast Guard documentation center seem less trustworthy than the last? When it comes to your vessel, your money, and your information, you can’t be too careful. Just as you would be cautious when putting gasoline into your vessel…

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Documented Vessel

The Benefits of Having a Properly Documented Vessel

Are you a member of the United States Coast Guard’s registry? Congratulations! You have now become the happy owner of a documented vessel, which entitles you to several perks. It is required by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) that all boats, even those belonging to private individuals, be recorded. Having an adequately registered yacht…

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