US Coast Guard vessel registration

Why You Should Choose US Coast Guard Vessel Registration

You have made the decision to purchase a yacht and have moved forward with the transaction. Whether you are buying new from the manufacturer or from a private seller, you will still have decisions you need to make regarding your vessel. There may be things you want to do that are decorative or restorative, or…

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Vessel documentation

Vessel Documentation to Last throughout the Years

“Have the right kind of personal flotation device.” If you’ve ever read an article about boat safety or taken a course, that’s one thing they always mention. This makes sense, as it’s critically important to have the right kind of personal flotation device should something awful happen. It’s important to not just have one of…

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Vessel Documentation Services A Life Jacket Online

Vessel Documentation Services: A Life Jacket Online

When you go out on your vessel, you’re careful to plan accordingly. That means letting someone on land know where you’re going, and when you’ll be back. It means having a personal flotation device for everyone on board, as well as flares, first aid, lights, batteries and more. Of course, for certain vessels, it also…

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Early USCG Renewal

Early USCG Renewal of Your Vessel

You have previously registered your boat with the US Coast Guard, and are now able to sail the seas whenever you want. These certificates are not designed to be granted forever, and eventually you will need to renew your boat documentation before the certificate expires. It is important to submit an early USCG renewal application form…

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