how to document a vessel

How to Document a Vessel Online Easily and Quickly

Are you wondering how to document a vessel? For boat owners who have not gone through the procedure or have just bought a vessel, it might be perplexing what is necessary for a Certificate of Documentation. A good example is that, in certain instances, you will be required to send images of your vessel. According…

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USCG Documentation

USCG Documentation Standards: What Are They?

Your vessel may need to meet USCG Documentation Standards, and you’ve been looking into the requirements for this documentation. Also, you might be wondering why it’s so important to know about and follow these standards. After all, what is a Standard, if not a commonly accepted one, to accomplish a task? Several USCG paperwork criteria…

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USCG Registration The Vessels That Do and Do Not Require It

USCG Registration: The Vessels That Do and Do Not Require It

Here at the Vessel Documentation Center, we’re always glad to talk to fellow vessel owners. Perhaps the most common, most asked question that we receive is “do I have to register my vessel?” If you’ve never owned a boat before, the registrations, licenses, and everything that you have to get become confusing at best. We…

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yacht documentation

Yacht Documentation & Endorsement

Do you know which yacht documentation endorsement is right for your vessel? Did you just find out at this moment that there’s one more than kind of endorsement available? In these blogs, when we say “vessel documentation,” it’s important to note that there are different endorsements. These endorsements fit different uses for your vessel. So,…

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USCG application

USCG Application for Initial Registration: Leaving Port

Before you head out on the water, do you go through an entire safety check? If you’re like so many other vessels, you check your gasoline, your flares, your lights, your personal flotation devices, your phones, your radio, and much, much more. You probably let someone on land know where you’re going and when you…

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USCG Registration

USCG Registration, Boat Safety, and You

Has the weather gotten so nice in your area that you feel like you just have to take your vessel out on the water? More and more places all over America are feeling that spring has finally sprung and summer is soon to follow. If your vessel has spent all winter in storage, now may…

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