What You Can Do After Your USCG Application for Documentation Goes Through

USCG application for documentation

Did you just send in your USCG application for documentation and are wondering: “now what?” Do you have a nagging feeling in the back of your head that there’s something you have to do to stay in compliance? So many of the vessel owners we talk to didn’t get started in boating so that they could fill out paperwork. The rules of documentation, what you must do and when you must do it, can seem confusing, arbitrary, even capricious. At our online documentation site, we make it easier than ever to stay in compliance no matter what. 

USCG Application For Documentation

Getting your certificate is a real, legitimate accomplishment. That said, just by getting it, that doesn’t mean that you have it forever. In fact, you have to renew it every single year. If you don’t, then you have to go through the entire reinstatement process (or lose your status). That said, we’ve made it easier than ever to renew your documentation. You can simply do it through our site for two, three, four, or even five years in advance. So, if you know you’re going to have your vessel for years to come, in as long as it takes to press a few buttons, you can give yourself one less thing to worry about for the next five years. 

Get a Vessel Mortgage 

Many lenders won’t make it possible for you to take out a mortgage on a boat unless it’s registered. This has been an industry standard for decades. While it’s entirely possible that you could find a lender out there, it certainly won’t be likely. By taking care of your Certificate of Documentation, you can give yourself the best chance to make your vessel work for your finances. 

Add a New Owner or Remove One 

There’s nothing like owning your own vessel, being able to do with what you want. That said, many of us also share ownership of a vessel with someone else or many different people. Once your Certificate of Documentation is completed, then you can add someone else to the ownership roster. Or, alternatively, you can remove someone from the vessel’s ownership should they decide to move on. One thing to keep in mind: if you do have a mortgage for the vessel, then that has to be paid off to change ownership. Another option: to get permission from the mortgage/lender. 

Beyond the USCG Application for Documentation 

Another thing to keep in mind about your Certificate of Documentation: you need to have a physical copy in good condition. If it’s lost or even if it’s damaged, then you won’t be in compliance. Indeed, in the eyes of the authorities, it’ll be just like you don’t have registration at all. You can get a replacement right here at our vessel documentation site. Beyond that, you can find just about all of the other forms that you might need, too. To see all that we offer, head to our site or call (866) 981-8783.