USCG application

Initial Vessel USCG Application: Application to Boat How You Want

Have you found a great maritime business opportunity and want the right kind of vessel documentation to take advantage of it? Are you in the middle of your initial vessel USCG application and aren’t sure exactly which endorsement to choose? So much of the language that’s associated with vessel documentation is jargon, the kinds of…

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National Vessel Documentation Center

What National Vessel Documentation Center Forms We Offer

National Vessel Documentation Center  Have you been looking for a “one stop shop” for vessel documentation? Does it feel like when you go to a so-called “National Vessel Documentation Center” they only have a few of the forms that you would associate with a “center?” A site that says it has “documentation” should, well, have…

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documenting a vessel

Every Form You Will Need When Documenting a Vessel

When it comes to the process of documenting a vessel, there are going to be a variety of different forms that you will need depending on the specifics of your situation. Some will be for those seeking to get first-time registration, while others will be needed when you need to get it back in place…

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Coast Guard vessel documentation

Applying for the Coast Guard Vessel Documentation For the First Time

Did you recently purchase a vessel of a certain size? Do you know how you want to use your vessel but aren’t sure of all of the paperwork involved? There’s nothing quite so exciting as purchasing a vessel. Whether it’s the first time or the hundredth, you can feel the potential and promise from the…

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