Must I Submit My USCG Application Online?

USCG Application Online

You do not have to go to US Coast Guard Documentation office to present your request for the certificate of documentation. At, we will process your USCG application online through our secure portal. All online applications received by the portal are reviewed by professional documentation processors to make sure faster processing. If you need assistance with your request, you may contact its documentation processor at (866) 981-8783.

What Are The Requirements For Vessel Documentation?

When you submit your application by mail, make sure that you have met all the basic requirements for documentation. One of them is that you must demonstrate that you are the owner of the vessel. You can establish vessel ownership by submitting a builder’s certification. The certification should have your name. You may also provide a manufacturer’s certificate of origin, a copy of the state registration or title. All of these will show that you own the vessel.

Now, if it is a second-hand ship, you may present the bills of sale or other pieces of evidence that can establish that you are the new owner of the vessel.

Another requirement for vessel documentation is that owner of the boat must be a US citizen. You will need to establish your US citizenship by submitting your social security number. Since corporations and partnerships are eligible for documentation purposes, they must also confirm their US citizenship.

USCG Application Online

If a corporation owns the vessel, the company must be registered in a state or the US. Then, the CEO and chairman of the board of directors must be citizens of the US. US citizens own at least 75 percent of the stock.

You must also establish that the vessel is built in the US, especially if the ship is to be used as a coastwise trade or in the fisheries. The vessel build evidence can be established by submitting a builder’s certification. The vessel’s manufacturer completes it. Your application should also include the original builder’s certification.

Submitting your vessels documentation application by mail is the fastest way to process your application. To avoid delays, the documentation processors will review it. Before submitting it to the US Coast Guard Documentation Center, you will have to change the information that needs to be modified as recommended by the documentation processor.

For more information on how to process your vessel documentation application, please call (866) 981-8783.