renew Coast Guard documentation

Renew Coast Guard Documentation Before you Let it Expire

As you probably know, it’s important that your Coast Guard documentation is always in order. If you are setting sail and your vessel falls under the requirements for registration, then you should avoid letting the registration expire. The way to avoid this is to renew Coast Guard documentation before or right after your registration expires….

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CG-1258: Gateway to the Waterway

Do you want to fill out your vessel documentation, yet when you sit down to do it you find that it’s so confusing and off-putting you just stop? When you see specific codes and phrases like CG-1258 do you suddenly want to do anything else? You aren’t alone. Filling out vessel documentation forms is just…

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U S Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

What the U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center Does for You

Are you becoming a boat owner for the first time? If you are, this can be an exciting moment for you. When you see that boat in the marina for the initial time, and you know it belongs to you, you will be anxious to get out on the water and start enjoying your investment….

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USCG National Documentation Center

The Best Way to Work with the USCG National Documentation Center

We have all heard nightmare stories from family, friends, and co-workers whenever someone has to deal with a government agency. Whether it is a federal department, a state one, or part of your local government, you are, invariably, going to end up waiting in line, going back and forth several times, making mistakes, and getting…

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