Boat Owner Lookup Through Our National Documentation Portal

Boat Owner Lookup

Have you been trying to find out who owns a particular boat? Do you have an eye on a boat and want to find the vessel’s ownership history? When you’re researching a boat for purchase, you want to know as much information as possible before you make a decision. Moreover, you want to make sure that you get your information from a source that you can trust. Here at the National Documentation Portal, we offer multiple means to complete a successful boat owner lookup

Abstract of Title for a Boat Owner Lookup 

An Abstract of Title can provide you with the identity of a vessel’s owner, yes. However, it can do so much more than that as well. For example, it can also provide you with the chain of ownership for as long as the vessel was documented. That way, you won’t just have the identity of the current owner, you’ll know who the previous owners were, too. 

Beyond that, this abstract will also contain information about the status of any liens/encumbrances on the vessel. That way, you’ll know if a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage (or other kind of lien) has been paid off before you pay for the vessel. Knowing this definitively can be crucially important to determining whether or not a vessel purchase is right for you. 

Certified Copy = Certified Correct 

Another way to use our site to find the managing owner of a vessel: by obtaining a Certified Copy of a Certificate of Documentation. Yes, most of our customers who decide to get a Certified Copy want a copy of their own Certificate of Documentation. However, you can get a Certified Copy of any Certificate of Documentation you would like. It certainly does not need to be your vessel. 

National Documentation Portal Vessel Documentation Search 

You’ll note that we do have a “vessel documentation search” option at our site. This search does not provide any information about a vessel owner. However, what it does provide is information about the vessels themselves. 

The vessel’s HIN (Hull Identification Number), it’s ON (Official Number), when its Certificate of Documentation was issued as well as when it will expire, the dimensions of the vessel, and plenty of other information – that’s all in there. Moreover, you can perform this search at any time you would like and for free. For many vessel owners, when they’re interested in a particular vessel, this search can serve as a first step. 

More Than a Way to do the Boat Owner Lookup 

Those are some of the ways that our site can be utilized to learn more about a particular vessel. However, our portal provides more than just a way to learn about documentation. Indeed, our site has been used by vessel owners across the country to be able to take care of their vessel’s documentation that much faster. Whether you’re renewing, replacing, getting a vessel documented for the first time or more, you can take care of it quickly through our site. See all that we offer here. 

Boat Owner Lookup