USCG PSIX Vessel Search: Uncover Your Boat’s Secrets

USCG PSIX vessel search

Do you plan on buying a used boat to sail US waters this new season? This task can be an exciting adventure, but going into it with your eyes wide open is essential. You can perform a USCG PSIX vessel search at our website in an easy, safe way. 

Our website is SSL encrypted, so all documentation information is secured from theft or hacking. The maritime documentation center has a database search designed to be a resource available for everyone. You need to enter the HIN and the official number of the vessel you want to search and obtain its information right away.

Just go to and enter the requested information.

What The PSIX Vessel Documentation Search Can Reveal:

  • Vessel Information (Name, Official Number, Hull Identification Number, Flag, etc.) 
  • Vessel Particulars (dimensions)
  • Service Information, Tonnage Information  
  • Vessel Documents and Certifications, including the issuance and expiration of the current Certificate of Documentation.
  • Previous owners and ownership transfers, indicating a vessel’s desirability
  • Accident or damage reports are essential for safety and price negotiations
  • Lien information (necessary for financing and clear title transfer)
  • Outstanding fees, fines, or other legal issues that could become your responsibility

What You Will Not Find In The Vessel Documentation Search

Public databases have not contained personally identifiable Information (PII), such as the Managing Owner’s name and address, since 2018.

If you need to locate the Managing Owner, obtain the complete ownership history, or access a record of all liens/encumbrances of a Documented vessel, you can request an Abstract of Title.

Any public member can also request a certified copy of the certificate of documentation for any US Coast Guard-documented vessel. This certified copy will include the Managing Owner’s name, address, and other relevant vessel endorsement information. You can access the webform application for this purpose using the link: 

USCG PSIX vessel search

It’s Not Just For Buyers: 

As a boat owner, you can use the PSIX vessel documentation search to verify and cross-check your boat’s official records for precision and accuracy. This search tool is an effective way to update your contact information, confirm your boat’s status, and ensure all the necessary documentation is in order for possible renewal or sale processes.

How To Search: 

To access the National Documentation Portal and search for a boat’s information, you will need to have the boat’s HIN (Hull Identification Number) and Official Number handy. 

Once you have this information, navigate to the portal’s main page, click “vessel documentation search,” enter the relevant boat details, and hit the “search” button to access the boat’s documentation records. It’s a straightforward process that can be completed with just a few clicks.

USCG PSIX Vessel Documentation Search: Easy & Safe Way To Approach Boat Sale/Buying:  

If you plan to buy a second-hand boat this season, it is crucial to conduct a thorough due diligence before making the purchase. One of the essential steps in this process is to perform a USCG PSIX vessel documentation search

This search will provide you with vital information about the boat’s history, including any past accidents, claims, or violations. Doing so can protect your investment and help you make an informed decision before signing any contract. 

With a little extra effort, you can ensure peace of mind and enjoy your new boat without any worries.