How to Use Our NVDC to Find the Info You Want on a Vessel


Have you been trying to find out more information about a given vessel but aren’t sure who you can trust? Does it seem as if everything you read is too good to be true? It’s natural to be distrustful of what you read online, especially when it comes to something as significant as an investment in a boat. That’s why, before you make a purchase, you want to be sure that you get as much info as possible from a source you can trust. Our NVDC can help in a variety of ways so that you can get the info you need. 

The Search

At our site, you can conduct a vessel search. All you need to do this search is the vessel’s HIN (hull identification number) or its official number. With that, you’ll be able to get plenty of info at our site for free. Specifically, you’ll be getting info from the USCG database, an unimpeachable source. This information can include the vessel’s dimensions, its particulars, whether or not it’s documented, and when that documentation will expire. 

The Abstract of Title 

What you won’t find in a search through our site is the owner, their identity, how many owners there have been, and so forth. To get that information (and many more in-depth facts about a vessel) you’re going to want to get the Abstract of Title. This document can tell you who the owner is, as well as how many owners there have been. On top of that, you’ll be informed whether or not there are any mortgages and/or liens against the vessel. If they’ve been satisfied, that info will be here. If they haven’t, that info will be here, too. 

Overseas Vessels 

You aren’t just limited to getting information about vessels here in America through our site. For example, you can use the “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request” here to learn much more about vessels from Britain, Canada, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and elsewhere. All of this info can help you make the right decision about whether or not a vessel would be a good purchase for you. 


Once You Have the Info You Want, Our NVDC Is Here 

For many vessel owners, the first time they’ve ever used our National Documentation Portal is to perform a search, request an Abstract, and so forth. Then, with that information, they can determine whether or not to purchase a vessel. Many do and subsequently come back to our site to be able to register their vessel, renew that registration, and more. If you decide to register your vessel, you can even use our site for your Preferred Ship’s Mortgage documentation, when you satisfy it, and so much more. To see all of the different ways that we can help you with the proper forms at every stage of vessel ownership, check out the rest of our site today.