USCG Documentation Search by Name and Number at Home or Abroad

USCG documentation search by name

Have you been looking for the perfect vessel but worry that you aren’t getting “the full story?” Do you know a vessel’s name or number and aren’t sure about how to find out more? This is one more area where we can help. At Vessel Documentation Online, we have forms that can enable you to perform a USCG documentation search by name or number. Moreover, you can do this for vessels that are here in the United States as well as vessels that are in foreign lands, too. 

An Abstract of Title 

Despite the somewhat odd-sounding name, there’s nothing “abstract” about the information that an Abstract of Title provides. Actually, it’s ironclad data backed by the Coast Guard itself. When you file for one of these, you’ll know exactly where a vessel was manufactured, who manufactured it, as well as if there were any mortgages or liens on the vessel. Better still, you’ll know definitively whether or not those liens and mortgages were satisfied. This is invaluable information that you must have before you consider purchasing a vessel that’s here in America. 

USCG Documentation Search by Name or Number Across the Seas 

You may have read the above paragraph and thought: “that sounds great, but the vessel I have my eye on isn’t in America.” That’s fine, too. If the vessel you’re interested in is in the UK, the British Virgin Islands, the Caymans, Bermuda, the Bahamas, or Canada, you can file for a “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request.” Of course, it helps to have as much information as possible when doing one of these searches. But, if you have the name, that’s good enough. 

How This Info Helps 

These forms and documentation lookup can help because they’ll tell you the real and whole truth about a vessel. Many vessel owners have found themselves in a situation where they’re talking to someone about purchasing their vessel and everything looks great. When the potential buyer asks any questions, they find that they have to take the vessel owner’s word about it. With the above forms, you don’t have to take anyone’s word for anything. Instead, you can know the complete truth about a vessel. Armed with that, you can make the best decision for yourself about whether or not to purchase the vessel. 

Vessel Documentation for Once You’ve Purchased Your Vessel, Too 

Hopefully, everything checks out, and you buy the vessel of your dreams. When that occurs, there are plenty of documentation forms that you’re going to need. As ever, you can find all of them at our Vessel Documentation Online site. From the initial documentation through the renewal to changing your address if you have to, to even getting a replacement should you lose your physical form, we have it all right here. On top of that, we have a trained staff of experts, too. They can answer any questions you might have or even walk you through the entire process. For more: (866) 981-8783.