Keeping Your Yacht Documentation Up to Date When Life Changes

yacht documentation

Has your life changed in one way or another, and now you’re unsure about how to update your yacht documentation? Did you just make a significant life change and have a nagging suspicion that you need to alter your vessel documentation so as to stay in compliance with the authorities? When a vessel owner completes their documentation, there’s a feeling that it’s done “for good.” Sure, sometimes, a vessel owner’s documentation never has to be updated, but for the most part, they do when certain life changes occur. As ever, you can find all of the forms you’ll need at our site. 

Yacht Documentation

Have you met someone that you want to add to the ownership of your vessel? By that same token, do you or someone currently on the vessel’s ownership want to relinquish it? We have the forms to allow you to do exactly that at our site. Something to keep in mind about this: you don’t want to do it until you have paid off the mortgage. Otherwise, this can’t go through without the permission of the mortgagee (lender). If you have any questions about this, we’ll be more than glad to answer them. 

You or Your Vessel Move 

When you move to a new home, you know you have to update and change so many things. Just think of all the online forms you have to change when you change your place of living. The same is true of your vessel registration. The same that’s true for you is true for your vessel, too. If you move your boat to a new hailing port, you have to do the same thing. These kinds of changes may seem like a chore, but they can keep you in compliance. At our site, we’ve made everything mobile-optimized. That way, you can fill these forms out from just about anywhere, so long as you’re on the internet. 

You Lose Your Certificate of Registration 

A physical Certificate of Registration is a necessity. It’s not something that you can just have a “JPG” saved on your phone or in the cloud, rather, you need to have a physical copy on your boat. If you’ve lost yours, or even if it’s severely mutilated, then you need to do something about that. We’ve made it easier than ever to get the physical copy that you need. 

The Forms for the Ownership of Your Vessel 

The above are just some of the boat documentation forms that you might need. However, for all of the others, you can find those at our site, too. Searching for a vessel? The Abstract of Title can give you the information you need. Renewing your vessel documentation? We not only make it possible to get it done, here, but you can also do it for up to five years in advance. To see our entire catalog of forms, our vessel documentation online site is here. To talk to a member of our staff: (866) 981-8783.