The Abstract of Title: The Info You May Need for Your Vessel

Abstract of Title

Are you looking for the owner of a particular vessel? Have you looked online and either can’t find the information or, alternatively, don’t trust the information you have found? Here at the National Documentation Portal, we can help. We know that, when it comes to an investment as sizable (literally and financially) as a vessel, you can’t be too careful, or too sure. So, to that end, we offer access to apply for an Abstract of Title among other forms of documentation to help you find the info you need. 

What’s in the Abstract of Title? 

Essentially, this abstract is the history of a vessel. It lets you know about a vessel’s past, and the time during which it was documented with the USCG. So, you’ll learn the identity of the owner as well as the entire chain of ownership. On top of that, you’ll also get information about mortgages and liens against the vessel: are there any? And, if there are, have they been satisfied or not? That’s just some of the information this abstract can contain. 

Why Would Someone Need this Abstract? 

Simply put, you need this info so that you’re buying a vessel that’s “free and clear” of any liens or mortgages. A potential nightmare scenario: a prospective buyer researches a vessel, everything seems great, and the owner sure talks it up, but, tragically, the prospective buyer never applies for an Abstract. Then, once they’ve purchased the vessel, they find that there are plenty of outstanding liens and mortgages against the vessel, all of which are now the problem of the new owner as the previous owner has taken off to parts unknown. This is an extreme hypothetical, obviously, but this kind of thing can happen. 

What Other Ways Can I Get Vessel Info Through Your Site? 

The Abstract of Title is just one of the ways. You can also perform a vessel documentation search at our site as well. This can give you information about a vessel’s particulars, its dimensions, as well as the status of its documentation. You’ll know when the vessel’s documentation is up, and so forth. This won’t give you the vessel’s owner – for that, you’ll need the Abstract. If the vessel is in one of certain overseas countries, you can also use Foreign Vessel Title Search Request as well. 

Abstract of Title

Help Throughout the Documentation Process 

You can use our site to find the information you’ll need to know about a vessel before making the purchase. Should you go through with the purchase (and should the vessel meet USCG requirements) then you’ll be able to document and maintain that documentation through our site as well. Indeed, plenty of vessel owners start by researching vessels through our site and then stay to complete all of their documentation needs through us, as well. To see all of the ways that we can help vessel owners throughout the course of vessel ownership, check out the rest of our site.