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Useful Information about Preferred Ship Mortgage

At Vessel Documentation Online, LLC, we pride ourselves on providing relevant legal information for all vessel’s users. One common request we receive is of useful information about Preferred Ship Mortgage. There’s not much clear information available and sometimes it can be tricky to understand some details. If your vessel is eligible for documentation, you should…

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What is U.S. Vessel Documentation?

What is U.S. Vessel Documentation? To own a ship and sail away is the dream of many people. Some lucky ones can make their dreams come true. Unfortunately, reality has some details that dreams don’t contemplate. Legal issues of all kind can make the whole experience trickier than you think. For this reason, it’s good…

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Status of Documentation

The Different Status of Documentation and How to Fix or Maintain Them

Have you been wondering exactly which is the right status of documentation for your vessel? Are you concerned that your documentation might expire or change and you won’t be able to restore it? Those are just some of the reasons that vessel owners from all walks of life come to our National Documentation Portal. Here,…

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USCG Documentation Renewal

USCG Documentation Renewal Made Easy for Vessel Owners

Are you worried about missing the deadline for renewing your vessel documentation? Have you sat down to complete the forms for USCG documentation renewal only to find that it’s more difficult than it should be? Here at the National Documentation Portal, we believe that completing all of your vessel documentation should be simple, the kind…

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Boat History Report

The Benefits of and Ways to Procure a Trustworthy Boat History Report

Have you been considering purchasing a vessel but want to know the truth about it? Do you want to be as informed as possible before you spend your hard-earned money? An in-depth boat history report can reveal if necessary repairs have been completed, if there are any outstanding liens or mortgages against the vessel, and…

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Commercial Boat

Finding and Registering the Commercial Boat of Your Dreams

Are you an enterprising boat owner looking for the perfect commercial boat? From starting a charter fishing business to embarking on a round-the-world journey, the right boat can transform your aspirations into reality. But with so many different boats and manufacturers available, finding one that meets both your needs can be daunting to say the…

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