Vessel Documentation Service to Use Your Vessel How You Want

vessel documentation service

Did you recently purchase a vessel that you want to use for certain commercial operations, but aren’t sure about filling out the documentation the right way? Do you know what you want to use your vessel for, yet, when you’re filling out a form for your “initial vessel documentation,” it all seems a bit puzzling? Not to use a cliche, but we’ve all been there. That’s part of the reason we created a vessel documentation service: so that vessel owners like you never felt that they were “alone” or “on their own” while they filled these out. Rather, there was someone there, ready and willing to help. Today, we’re going to discuss endorsements. 

Vessel Documentation Service 

The endorsements are, more or less, a way of stating what you’re going to use your vessel for on your documentation. There are important differences between the endorsements. The last thing you want is to be caught using a vessel for some purpose other than what its endorsement says. If you ever have any questions about this, our professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions about endorsements, certificates of documentation, or really anything else at our site. 

Fishery and Coastwise 

If you’re going to use your documented vessel for commercial catching or transporting fish through the navigable waters of the United States or the Exclusive Economic Zone, then you’re going to want to get the endorsement for Fishery. If instead, you’re going to use your vessel to commercially transport people or goods in those same waters, then “Coastwise” is the best choice for you. 

Registry and Recreational 

“Registry” is the endorsement for those who are going to use their vessel for operations overseas or in foreign waters. So, anywhere that is not the navigable waters of the United States or its Exclusive Economic Zone. By that same token, if you’re just getting your vessel to have a good time with friends and family, then the “Recreational” endorsement will be the right one for you. Many vessel owners get that so that they can get financing for their vessels. 

When the Waters Change 

Choosing an endorsement is a big deal. That said, you aren’t stuck with it forever. Should you decide to change your vessel’s endorsement to something else, then you’ll be able to do that through our site as well. Here at our vessel documentation site, we’re committed to helping vessel owners just like you to use your vessel how you want. 

A Vessel Documentation Service for Every Endorsement 

No matter what endorsement you choose for your vessel or what you’re going to do with it, eventually, you’re going to have to get your Certificate of Documentation renewed. In fact, you’re going to have to do it annually. That is, of course, unless you go through our site. Should that be the case, we’ll actually be able to renew it for up to five years in advance, should you choose to do so. For more: (866) 981-8783.