certificate of documentation

All You Need to Know About Certificate of Documentation 5-Year Renewal

Have you taken care of your certificate of documentation with the Coast Guard? So you’ve purchased yourself a recreational sea vessel. It’s a nice, generous-sized boat that could be your personal haven on water, a floating hotel, or bed-and-breakfast, if you may. You’ve taken care of all the fees and prepared yourself for the expectedly…

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Coast Guard application for documentation,

Coast Guard Application for Documentation in Less Time Than You Think

Have you been meaning to send in your Coast Guard application for documentation, but it feels like you can’t find the time? Do you find yourself procrastinating, and even when you do schedule out time to complete this form, you just check your phone or find some other distraction until you quit? You aren’t alone…

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Documented Vessel Number

Maintaining a Documented Vessel Number When You “Run Aground”

Have you run into a problem with your vessel documentation? Did you miss the renewal deadline, or has something else gone not exactly as you had hoped? Vessel documentation, even if you’ve spent much of your life on the water, can be delicate and tricky. One of the major reasons we started our site was…

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USCG Vessel Documentation Forms

Why This Might Be the Best Time of Year for USCG Vessel Documentation Forms

Have you been trying to find the right time to apply for the USCG vessel documentation forms you need? Does it feel like, whenever you sit down to actually complete these forms, something always comes up that diverts your attention? If so, you aren’t alone. For so many of us, with so much to do,…

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Certificate of Documentation

Beyond the Certificate of Documentation: More to Offer Than Just Forms

Are you in the process of determining whether or not getting your certificate of documentation is the right course of action? Does everything surrounding vessel documentation seem a bit opaque or even confusing? If you feel that way, you aren’t alone. Before we started our site, we were just vessel owners like you. Whenever we…

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