Documented Vessel Ownership

Why Documented Vessel Ownership is Important

As an owner of a vessel in the United States, you know that it is essential to maintain documented vessel ownership. But what gives with that? It is hard for the Coast Guard to adequately monitor the thousands of ships that go through the United States waterways because of the nation’s size. As a result,…

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documentation requirements

Tips for US Vessel Owners on How to Remain Compliant With Documentation Requirements

If you are the owner of a vessel in the United States, then you know that there are specific documentation requirements that you are obligated to fulfill to stay in compliance. For instance, if you intend to take your yacht or boat outside of the country, you will be responsible for ensuring that it is…

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National Vessel Documentation Center, Certificate of Documentation

National Vessel Documentation Center Certificate of Documentation: Facts

Do you think you may need a Certificate of Documentation for your vessel but aren’t sure? Does it seem like the rules for who does and who does not require such a certificate are arbitrary at best? Over the years, we’ve helped so many vessel owners with that exact quandary. For many, this is the…

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Contacting the U S Coast Guard Documentation Center

Contacting the U.S. Coast Guard Documentation Center

Any time that you are dealing with government entities, there is the possibility of confusion, frustration, and anxiety. We all know the bureaucracy that we can face when we do things like pay taxes or look for information about property you have interest in buying. Even registering your car can be a hassle for you…

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