USCG license renewal

More Than USCG License Renewal Forms: Safe This Spring

Spring. If you’ve been waiting all winter to use your vessel, it can be absolutely wonderful. Lush, green grass, and trees everywhere. Warm air. Gentle breezes. Soft, rolling waves. This is the time of year that so many of us get our vessels out of storage and get out on the water – ready for…

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yacht documentation

Yacht Documentation & Endorsement

Do you know which yacht documentation endorsement is right for your vessel? Did you just find out at this moment that there’s one more than kind of endorsement available? In these blogs, when we say “vessel documentation,” it’s important to note that there are different endorsements. These endorsements fit different uses for your vessel. So,…

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Coast Guard portal

Coast Guard Portal for People Who Want to Get it Done Fast and Right

Are you looking for an easier way to complete your Coast Guard documentation? Does it seem like every “documentation center” you click on doesn’t make the process easier, but in some cases, actually makes it more confusing? As a vessel owner, a person with responsibilities and a life to lead, you don’t have all of…

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transfer of ownership

Essential Tips on Filling Transfer of Ownership

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the prospect of completing a transfer of ownership paperwork when you’re the proud owner of a USCG vessel. But to do that, you will first need to understand several of the process’s essential components. For instance, who is eligible to be named as the property owner? Who, if anybody,…

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American Vessel

What You Need to Know When Documenting Your American Vessel

It would help if you did not attempt to document a ship without the assistance of an attorney. As the owner of an American vessel, you should be familiar with the paperwork involved. There are too many moving parts when dealing with the government for you to take care of it on your own and…

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Abstract of Title

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Vessel’s Abstract of Title

You should be familiar with the abstract of the title for your vessel if you are the vessel owner. An abstract of title is a record of all of the transactions that have occurred about a specific vessel during its history. It contains information on the history of ownership of the vessel and details about…

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Notice of Claim of Lien

Things That Happen When You Need To File a Notice of Claim of Lien

If you’re a US vessel owner, you know it’s essential to file a Notice of Claim of Lien (NOCL) whenever work is done on your boat. The boat owner is usually responsible for paying for necessary repairs or replacement of any equipment on board in case of an accident or casualty. If the vessel is…

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