An Alternative to the USCG Portal

An Alternative to the Coast Guard Portal

When you take ownership of a boat for the first time, you will experience plenty of excitement. You likely cannot wait for that first time out on the water where you are in control, piloting your boat with pride. Before you can get your boat in the water, you do need to decide what you are going to do about registration or vessel documentation. Documentation with the Coast Guard does have its advantages, and many financial institutions today insist on documentation as a condition of getting a loan for a vessel. Heading over to the Coast Guard’s website can cause even further confusion for you about what you should do, and you should know there is an excellent alternative to the USCG Portal here at Vessel Documentation Online.

The Coast Guard Process

Documentation means you will have to get the form for documentation from the Coast Guard. When you go to their website, it may not be immediately apparent to you just where that form is. Once you find the location, you will be dismayed to learn that you need to download the form and print it out. The Coast Guard does not accept applications electronically on their website, so you must print it out, fill it out, and then mail it to the documentation center in West Virginia for processing. If you make a mistake, the form returns to you, and you must begin everything again, further delaying your documentation.

uscg portal

A Better USCG Portal for You

Here at Vessel Documentation Online, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with the USCG portal. That is why we have created an alternative for you that is fast, easy, and effective. Using new technology and encryption services, we have a portal that offers all the documentation forms you might need from the Coast Guard on our website. You can pull up a form and fill it out online in just minutes, upload any supporting documents you may have, pay your fees, and that is it. We get your application and examine it closely to make sure you left nothing out or made a mistake that could delay the process before we send it to the Coast Guard for you.

Better Processing to the Coast Guard

Thanks to what we offer at Vessel Documentation Online, you will not have to worry about working with the USCG portal again. We can take care of all your chores for you, including letting you automate your re-registration each year, so everything gets filed automatically for you, so you never have to worry about forgetting to do it. When you are ready to start the USCG documentation process, make sure to come to our secure portal to do what you need. You will find we make the process stress-free for you so that you have just what you need for your boat. You can spend more time enjoying your vessel instead of wasting time fumbling with paperwork and processes that can slow you down.