A NVDC for Vessel Owners Made By Vessel Owners


When you begin filling out your vessel documentation, does it feel like the process wasn’t made for vessel owners, but instead for the convenience of those who collect the forms? Are you looking for a process that makes it easier on vessel owners? We designed our NVDC for vessel owners, to make it easier on those who require vessel documentation. 

Here at the National Documentation Portal, our clientele consists of individuals who are passionate about their vessels. Consequently, our website’s design resonates with this perspective, and every feature is meticulously designed with the explicit objective of simplifying and streamlining the documentation process. We believe that completing your vessel documentation should not be a cumbersome task, but rather a quick and hassle-free endeavor.

An NVDC That is Easy to Use 

One of the standout features of our platform is its accessibility—anytime, anywhere. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep, and deciding to tackle your vessel documentation. 

Or perhaps you find yourself stuck in traffic, waiting for a delayed meeting—why not use that time productively to complete your “Change of Address or Hailing Port” form (or any other)? Our platform is always open, and always ready to assist you. 

Moreover, we’ve optimized it for mobile devices, ensuring that you can access it seamlessly from any location, as long as you have an internet connection. This flexibility allows you to fill in forms at your convenience, making the documentation process a seamless part of your routine.

Easier Renewal 

The perpetual nature of vessel documentation can often be burdensome. It feels like a never-ending cycle, with one form leading to another in a continuous loop. Take registration, for instance—it requires annual renewal, creating a perpetual cycle of paperwork. However, our platform offers a refreshing departure from this norm. 

Vessel owners can now renew their forms for up to five years in advance, providing an unprecedented period of relief from the constant worry of impending expirations. A five-year reprieve offers a substantial break, allowing you to focus on enjoying your vessel without the recurring stress of imminent renewals.

A Staff On the Side of Vessel Owners 

Behind our user-friendly interface and time-saving features is a dedicated team of professionals ready to support you. Our staff, with years of experience in vessel documentation, possesses the knowledge to address your queries comprehensively. In addition to this, our document processors meticulously review every response you submit, identifying and rectifying even the minutest errors before they have the chance to impede your documentation process.


A Portal Full of Vessel Documentation Forms 

The heart of our commitment lies in offering a comprehensive array of vessel documentation forms, ensuring that you have everything you need throughout your ownership journey. From the initial purchase to the eventual sale and every day in between, our platform provides the means to stay in compliance with the necessary forms. We understand that each stage of vessel ownership comes with unique documentation requirements, and our platform is designed to anticipate and fulfill those needs.

Our platform is more than just a portal; it’s a tailored solution crafted with the vessel owner in mind. We strive to make the documentation process not just efficient, but a seamless and stress-free part of your maritime experience. To see how we can help, click here.