Vessel Documentation to Last throughout the Years

Vessel documentation

“Have the right kind of personal flotation device.” If you’ve ever read an article about boat safety or taken a course, that’s one thing they always mention. This makes sense, as it’s critically important to have the right kind of personal flotation device should something awful happen. It’s important to not just have one of these devices but to have one that fits your body as well as others that fit the bodies of your guests. Vessel documentation can be like that. It’s important to have the right kind of boat documentation that fits your boat and situation exactly.

Starting Vessel Documentation

At our site, we make getting started with boat documentation easy. All you have to do is go to our site and go to the part that says “initial.” If you’re looking at our homepage, you almost literally cannot miss it. We designed our site in such a way that it was easy for all kinds of people, those who know exactly what they’re looking for, those with some idea of what they’re looking for, and everyone in between to discover exactly what they needed.

Renewal vs. Reinstatement

Boat documentation, like so many other things, doesn’t last forever. It does expire annually. At our site, you can renew this boat documentation so that you can keep using your vessel how you want. However, there are some people whose boat documentation has lapsed. When that occurs, you actually can’t renew it. You have to go through the reinstatement process. We understand how confusing that can be, which is why we have a link to reinstatement on our site.

Vessel documentation

Documentation Changes as Life Changes

On the day you get your boat, perhaps the last thing you were thinking was: “someday, I’m going to move on from this vessel.” However, that happens all the time. When it does, you can find the forms you need right at our site. You can get a “Satisfaction / Release of Mortgage / Lien” form at our site. You can also find the forms that allow you to delete your documentation, too. Transferring ownership of the vessel, or exchanging it, is also something that you can find at our site. Just as you can’t predict the weather with 100% certainty, you can’t predict life, either. When your life changes, we make it easy to make sure that your boat documentation complies.

Fill Out Documentation on the Go

Our site is mobile-optimized, which means that you can fill in your documentation essentially anywhere you have the internet. You shouldn’t have to spend your whole day, or really even just a giant block of time sitting somewhere, typing out your boat documentation. That’s why we made our site to load quickly on practically any mobile device so that you can fill in boat documentation on your schedule.

Late at night? Early in the morning? On a break from work? They’re all options. For more advice on boat documentation or help, call us at (866) 981-8783.