How to Arrange a Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

Owning a vessel requires a lot of form filling and paperwork, and if you happen to sell your boat, or want to transfer it to another person, then you will need to apply for a transfer of ownership certificate. This type of documentation will show the Coast Guard that you have completed a transfer, and are no longer in charge of the vessel. You may also need this Transfer exchange of USCG documentation application form if you are changing any part of the paperwork concerning your vessel such as its home port or commercial operations.

Selling or Transferring Your Vessel

If you have decided to sell your boat, or transfer it to different ownership, then you will need to wait until the transfer has gone through. For example, if you are adding a spouse after a marriage, or removing them after their death or a separation, then you will need to fill in a transfer form. When you have sold your boat, the sale must be finalized, and you can then finish the process with a bill of sale. This will allow you to transfer the vessel from your ownership into the hands of the purchaser.

Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

Other Transfer Circumstances

Transferring or exchanging your documentation is more complicated if you wish to perform another action which affects the ownership of the boat, or if your vessel has a mortgage that is not yet complete. With the latter, you will need to satisfy your lender first by repaying the mortgage, and only then will you be allowed to complete the transfer. You may also face more complicated problems if you are transferring ownership of the vessel to a trust or corporation, perhaps as part of a larger business change. Any other changes to the endorsement documentation or the name of the owner will also have to be transferred over.

Getting Help with Your Transfer

If you need assistance with a transfer exchange of USCG documentation, then the Vessel Documentation Center can assist you. Our experienced team is able to inspect your forms, making sure that they are correct prior to submission. When it comes to transferring ownership, this can save you a lot of money, and make the process much easier. To ensure a successful transfer, contact us today by calling (866) 981-8783, or email our team at, and talk to one of our staff about your vessel documentation requirements.