Holding Onto a Documented Vessel Number When Disaster Strikes

documented vessel number

Has something gone awry and you aren’t sure which form of vessel documentation you need to help make it right? Does it seem like you need a vessel documentation form, right now, but you don’t know where to find it (or even which ones to complete?) We designed our site around many ideas, not the least of which was that we don’t believe vessel owners should have to feel stress when it comes to their documentation forms. Our goal has always been to take something complicated, vessel documentation, and make it easier. We know that the course of vessel ownership doesn’t always run smoothly. Below are some problems that may arise as well as which form can help you to hang onto your documented vessel number and more. 

Keeping a Documented Vessel Number Even if You’ve Missed the Renewal Deadline 

We take pride in making the vessel documentation experience that much easier on vessel owners. One of the many ways we help is by making it possible to renew your documentation for up to five years in advance. That said, we understand that sometimes, life gets in the way, and it’s possible to miss your renewal deadline. When that happens, you don’t have to give up your documented boat number or anything like that. Instead, you can fill out the “reinstatement” form at our site and soon enough, get back to using your vessel how you would like. 

You’ve Lost Your Certificate of Registration 

Just because your Certificate of Registration is valid, that doesn’t mean that you can get by without a physical version of it. Taking a picture of your Certificate of Registration and saving it on your phone isn’t enough. In fact, you need a literal, actual Certificate to be in compliance. If yours is lost or even mutilated, we can help. That’s what the “Replacement” form is for. That way, you can stay in compliance with the powers that be no matter where your journey takes you. 

You Want to Be Sure the Vessel Owner You’re Talking to Tells the Truth  

The process of researching and finding a new vessel to buy can be heady indeed. Exciting and fun, it can be difficult, too. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your investment, as you need to know the absolute truth before you purchase a vessel. That’s where the Abstract of Title comes in. That form tells you about any mortgages, liens, the chain of ownership, when it was manufactured, and so much else so that you can make the right call. 

Documentation for Your Vessel Ownership Journey 

Hopefully, you never run into any of the above problems throughout the course of owning your vessel. Tat said, you very well might need one form of vessel documentation or another anyway. It’s entirely possible that you’re going to want financing for your vessel, bring on a new owner, or any of the other uses of our documentation. If you have any questions, head to our site or call (866) 981-8783.