Initial Vessel USCG Application: Application to Boat How You Want

USCG application

Have you found a great maritime business opportunity and want the right kind of vessel documentation to take advantage of it? Are you in the middle of your initial vessel USCG application and aren’t sure exactly which endorsement to choose? So much of the language that’s associated with vessel documentation is jargon, the kinds of sayings, words, and phrases that people just don’t use often in everyday life. That’s true even for vessel owners who have been on the water for most of their lives. At our site, we can help you to get and keep the right endorsement for your vessel, business, and more. 

USCG Application for Recreational 

Perhaps the most common endorsement we see at our site is “recreational.” This makes sense – people love to be on boats. Going out on your boat with friends and family is one of life’s true enduring pastimes. With this endorsement, you’ll get all of the benefits that documentation brings. If you’re planning on getting financing for your vessel, odds are that the lender is going to insist upon you getting it documented. We can make the process of getting documentation that much easier at our site. 

Coastwise and Fishery 

Are you going to use your vessel to make some money? Specifically, are you going to use it for transporting goods or passengers on the navigable waters of the United States or the Exclusive Economic Zone? Or, alternatively, are you going to use it for fishing in that same area? If that’s the case, then you would want either one of these endorsements.  The “Exclusive Economic Zone” may sound like something out of science fiction, but it’s actually the two hundred mile area (more or less) off of the coast of the United States. 


“Registering” a vessel does not mean you’re getting a “Registry” endorsement. This endorsement is used primarily for overseas trade. So, if you’re going to be using your vessel for commercial purposes outside of the US waters, then this is the right endorsement to get. As ever, remember that there are certain minimum measurements for vessel documentation. Your vessel has to measure at least five net tons for any of this to be applicable for you. To put that in perspective, if your vessel is 25 feet or more it’s almost assuredly 25 net tons at least. 

All Starts With the Initial Vessel USCG Application 

Something to always keep in mind about these endorsements: you don’t have to keep them forever. Life changes. New opportunities arise as old ones fade out. Perhaps the fishery business you got into doesn’t go in the way you would hope, so you decide to use your vessel to transport folks instead. At our site, using a change of endorsement form you can switch from the “Fishery” endorsement to the “Coastwise” one, as well as any other transition. Of course, once you have your endorsement, you can find all of the other forms you might need at our site, too. For more, call us at (866) 981-8783.