Abstract of Title Boat Information: What Sets it Apart

abstract of title

Are you in the market for a boat but want to know as much as possible before you buy? Does it seem like it’s becoming more and more difficult to find sources of information you can trust? Or, are you negotiating with a particular vessel seller and are concerned that their pitch might be veering towards the realm of “too good to be true”? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then you may very well want an Abstract of Title. 

We Make it Easier to Apply for An Abstract of Title 

Yes, we offer many different forms at our site. However, the Abstract is different. Diverging from other forms we offer, this document isn’t about applying for a specific registration or qualification. Instead, it’s about uncovering the unadulterated truth – no embellishments, no omissions.

The Owner (and Every Previous One)

An abstract of title unveils the complete lineage of ownership for a vessel. 

While you may be acquainted with the current owner attempting to sell you the vessel, this abstract sheds light on all previous owners. Remember: this information might elude even the present owner. 

Whether the vessel has been owned by individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, or any other entity, the abstract reveals every stakeholder involved in its ownership during the time it’s been documented. 

Mortgages and Liens

Many individuals register their vessels primarily to secure a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, facilitating financing for vessels beyond immediate affordability. However, the unfortunate reality is that some fail to satisfy their mortgages or liens. 

If that’s the case, an Abstract of Title will let you know the truth. The abstract can serve as a cautionary beacon for prospective buyers, alerting them to any encumbrances the vessel may carry before sealing the deal.

The Vessel’s Past (and Your Prospective Journey)

While a significant majority of boat sellers earnestly disclose the truth about their vessels, a disreputable minority aims to exploit trusting buyers seeking a worthy investment. These unscrupulous sellers might downplay a vessel’s age, conceal existing liens or mortgages, or fabricate other details to enhance the allure of the sale. 

An abstract of title lets you know when a vessel was manufactured. That way, you’ll have as much information as possible at your fingertips before making a purchase. 

Vessel Documentation Search Through Our Portal 

There are more ways to find information about a vessel than just applying for an Abstract. In fact, you can get the info you need in seconds flat. How? Through conducting a vessel documentation search at our site. 

Armed with your vessel’s Hull Identification Number (HIN) or Official Number, our site offers you the convenience of a complimentary Coast Guard documentation search online.

Abstract of Title

What a Search Can Uncover 

Comprehensive data about the vessel like its name, flag, Official Number, and Hull Identification Number can all be uncovered through this search.

A deep dive into the Vessel Particulars reveals specifics like the vessel’s length, breadth, depth, service/endorsement, and the construction year.

Additionally, Service Information is presented, detailing the vessel’s status and Tonnage Information.

Insight into Vessel Documents and Certifications is provided, including the latest Certificate of Documentation‘s issue date and its expiration date.

Other Ways to Find Out Information About a Vessel 

Alternatively, acquiring a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Documentation can help identify a USCG Documented Vessel’s owner. This document comprises the Managing Owner’s name, address, among other details.

Of course, that’s not the only reason that a person decides to get a Certified Copy. Remember: if you don’t have a Certificate of Documentation on board your vessel during operation, then you aren’t in compliance with the powers that be. Plus, your Certificate has to be intact, too. 

If your Certificate has been lost or mutilated, then you need to get a replacement copy. (Which you can also do through our site.) However, to keep that from happening, getting a Certified Copy can protect you should that occur. 

Info About Overseas Vessels 

An Abstract of Title can help with vessels that are in America, but, if you want to learn more about vessels in some foreign countries, use the Foreign Vessel Title Search Request form at our site. 

With that, you’ll be able to learn more about vessels in Bermuda, the UK, Canada, and elsewhere. 

Expanding Horizons Beyond the Abstract of Title

Many of our clients initially procure a vessel abstract of title through our platform and subsequently explore a myriad of other vessel documentation forms. 

From obtaining a Certificate of Registration to renewing existing documentation, a vessel’s journey often extends beyond mere acquisition. Indeed, after finding their dream vessel, owners often then decide to register it, then renew it, and, when the time comes, sell it. 

Next, they’ll get another Abstract of Title and the process will begin anew. 

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