The US Coast Guard and Documenting Boats

US Coast Guard Vessel Docs

The US Coast Guard and Documenting Boats

You have worked hard all your life, and are now ready to invest money in one of your big dreams. Buying a luxury vessel has been something that you have been imagining for a while, and now you are able to put down the money required. If you have been successful in buying a boat or obtaining a mortgage for a vessel, then the next step is to consider visiting theĀ US coast guard boats registration portal, and obtaining a Certificate Of Documentation for your vessel. Getting the right documentation set up at the start can be vital if you want to sail your boat successfully.

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Why You Need Documentation

When you are travelling in a luxury vessel, there are several reasons why documentation can be the best way to keep you and your ship secure. Firstly, documentation is a form of registration, and the certificate will be evidence of your nationality, important for travelling in international waters. For a luxury vessel, you will be able to obtain a certificate that will allow you to travel around the world in comfort, protected by the US Coast Guard.

How to Document Your Boat

Not all types of vessels can be registered. Firstly, you must be a US citizen, and the boat must be more than five net tons. If you are able to confirm that this applies to you and your boat, then you should take advantage of this opportunity. You need to fill in several forms in order to get the Certificate of Documentation, and once this is obtained you will receive an official number, which will be assigned to the boat and will last even after you sell it. By filling in the forms online with our Vessel Documentation Online service, you can obtain the benefits of registering your boat nationally with knowledge it will reach the US Coast Guard.

Safeguarding Your Boat

The majority of luxury and commercial vessel owners prefer to take part in this form of US coast guard boats documentation. This is because the documentation establishes that your vessel is owned by a US citizen, conferring protection on it and making it easier to travel between international waters. You can also get Coast Guard assistance with your vessel, so it makes sense to fill in the forms to apply for documentation today. To make the process as easy as possible, you should work with us to complete your forms and submit evidence. Start working with us today by calling 866-981-8783.