applying for a MARAD waiver

Applying for a MARAD Waiver

While buying and owning a boat might seem pretty straightforward to you when you are seeking to do it for the first time, you should know that there are many rules and regulations that you need to know to make sure you register your boat correctly. This is especially important when you are getting a…

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US vessel documentation

Every Coast Guard Registration Form in the Palm of Your Hand

The digital, nigh-paperless world didn’t always exist. In the past, if you had to get all of your vessel documents in one place, it wasn’t easy. You probably had to print them out or physically go to get them, which meant that you had to carry them, put them in some kind of folder or…

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Coast Guard boat registration

Smooth Sailing Onto the Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

It’s always great to be out on a boat. It’s even better when you’re on a boat when the weather is nice. Clear skies, a slight breeze, and water that looks glass — that’s the kind of thing people have been writing about for literally thousands of years. At our site, we believe that’s how…

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US vessel registration

You’ve Gotten Your Initial US Vessel Registration, Now What?

The task has been completed. You purchased your boat, got everything together, and now it’s yours. To make sure that you can get out on the water legally, you’ve gotten your initial US vessel registration. This is a genuine accomplishment, the kind of occasion you should savor and celebrate. The thing is, that’s not the…

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Getting Onto the Coast Guard Vessel Registry

Getting Onto the Coast Guard Vessel Registry for Busy Professionals

Have you been procrastinating on taking care of your vessel documentation? Does it seem practically impossible to fit “getting onto the Coast Guard vessel registry” into your busy schedule? If so, you aren’t alone. You have work, your family life, your commute, and anything else going on in your life vs. filling out vessel documentation….

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