Is it Bad Luck to Rename a Boat?

is it bad luck to rename a boat

There’s a certain amount of superstition on the water and if you’re the proud owner of a new watercraft, you may be wondering if is it bad luck to rename a boat. Whether you simply want to give your boat a name you’ve always dreamed of or the boat comes with a name you can’t stand, you can give it a new moniker. However, if you want to make sure you don’t have bad luck in the process, use this guide along the way. 

The Legend of Poseidon

According to the lore that dates back generations, it’s believed that Poseidon kept a personal record book of every boat name in existence. This book is called, “The Ledger of the Deep,” and allows Poseidon to grant safe passage only to those who adhere to his desires. Not renaming your boat in a proper fashion is something that makes Poseidon angry. Punishments may include rough seas, poor weather, collisions, fires, injury, and sinking of the vessel.

Other Superstitions About Naming a Boat

There are some other things to keep in mind if you want to avoid the bad luck associated with renaming your boat. Many believe that choosing a name with seven letters will bring you good luck on the water. Others say that your boat’s name should have three “A’s”. Still, others insist that a feminine name is better luck than a masculine one, while others hold to the belief that naming your boat after one that has sunk will only bring bad luck. It’s also bad luck to hit the water on a boat without a name, as well as naming your boat after a storm or natural disaster. 

is it bad luck to rename a boat

How to Rename Your Boat

With all of these superstitions to keep in mind, it can feel overwhelming to rename your vessel. After all, you don’t want to suffer through seven years of bad luck because you picked the wrong one. Following the steps to renaming your boat will help. First, completely remove the current name on the boat. That includes on the boat itself, but also anywhere else it appears, including elsewhere on the boat, keyrings, bags, etc. You will also want to cover the name of the boat in any ledgers or other documentation. 

Next, return the boat’s name to Poseidon. You can do this by writing the name of the boat on a metal tag with water-soluble ink and tossing it into the water. There is ritualistic wording you can include in this ceremony if you’d like.

Finally, hold a renaming ceremony. There are guidelines for this that you can choose to use or you can create your own. Most people include the ritual of pouring a cocktail for each person onboard, then pouring the rest overboard for Poseidon. To please the gods of the wind, fill a glass with liquor, then toss it in each direction. 

Only when the above ceremonies are complete should you carry documentation with the boat’s new name onboard. When you’re ready to get the paperwork taken care of, you can do it all online at this site. Contact us today for all of your boat renaming needs.