A Word on Vessel Safety this Summer from Our USCG Forms Site

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Are you ready to take your vessel out with friends and family this summer? Have you been looking forward to Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or just lazy days on the water in June since about the middle of October? If you’re like so many boat owners, of course, you have. This truly is the time we’ve all been waiting for: summer, in all its glory. This is the perfect time to go out with family and friends on your vessel. However, as our USCG forms site always reminds folks, you want to be as safe as possible no matter what. 

Plan Ahead But Be Ready to Change on the Fly 

Like so many of us, you may have been planning for your boat trip with family and friends for a long time in advance. But, you want to be able to change quickly should circumstances dictate you do that. For example, keep a close eye on the weather, planning a way to get back to land quickly should things go south. Moreover, be certain that you have a float plan that someone on land has, whether it’s your spouse, neighbor, marina, towing provider, or someone else who can help in a pinch. Plus, keep in mind: it’s fun to have a big party on your boat, but make sure you don’t exceed the maximum capacity of your vessel. 

Check to Be Certain You Have Everything You Need (Before You Leave Port) 

Having a personal flotation device for everyone isn’t just a good idea – it’s the law. Moreover, you don’t just want to “have” one for everyone on board – make sure it’s somewhere easily accessible and fits each person. When stocking up on food and drinks, be sure you’ve stocked up your emergency medical kit and fire extinguisher, too. Speaking of things to stock up on ways to contact land. Even if you keep your phone charged and safe, there may be “dead spots” on your body of water. A VHF radio is always great to have on board. 

Best Way to Have a Good Time: Make Sure Everyone Knows the Score 

Your guests are going to know where the food and drinks are, but also show them where the personal flotation devices are, too. The first aid kit, the fire extinguishers, flares, the radio – show them to your guests and make sure they know how to use them. While this may sound awkward, in theory, it can actually work as a kind of “icebreaker” for your get-together. 

USCG Forms All Summer (and Year) Long 

Just because the air is warm doesn’t mean it’s too late to fill out your vessel documentation forms. 24/7/365 you can find all of the forms you need right at our site. Moreover, we’ve made our site optimized for mobile. So, you can fill them out at your desk, at the park, or even on your vessel, provided you have an internet connection. For more: (866) 981-8783.