US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Onramp

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Onramp

The road to getting the vessel documentation you need can be needlessly confusing. That’s why our site is there to work as a digital onramp. We can get you to the documentation you need, facilitating the process so that it goes much smoother and faster. Instead of getting stuck, trying to figure out exactly where you’re supposed to go and why our site will help you to get everything you need and more. Vessel Documentation Online is an efficient way to get all of the US Coast Guard vessel documentation for your particular situation.

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Renewal

If you’ve never renewed your documentation, then you may be unaware of the process. You have to do it every year, and you can’t do it years ahead of time. You’re given two notices before it expires, but if you’ve moved and haven’t updated your address, then you may not get the addresses. Of course, vessel owners are typically busy people, with plenty to do other than just keep up on their vessel documentation. So, their documentation could expire without them being fully aware of it. That’s where we come in.

Renew Ahead of Time

Do you see in the above paragraph where we said: “you can’t do it years ahead of time”? That’s true… if you use any service other than Vessel Documentation Online. Here, we make it possible for you to renew your vessel documentation for up to five years in advance. So, you’ll have one less important thing to worry about for the next half-decade. That may not seem like a big deal, but it can absolutely be incredibly helpful. Instead of worrying about “is my documentation about to expire,” you can rest assured that it won’t for an extended period of time. We take pride in giving vessel owners one less thing to worry about.

US Coast Guard vessel documentation

Correcting Errors

We know that when you’re filling out your documentation, you’re doing your best. You focus on the information you’re typing. However, there are a lot of distractions in life: business, family, friends and more. Filling out your documentation incorrectly, with a mistake here or there, is perfectly understandable. It happens to people all of the time. Of course, if it happened in the past, you would have to start the documentation all over again. The authorities would send the form back to you to start all over again. That’s why we have document processors on staff.

Our Document Processors and More

These document processors look over everything that you write. If there are little mistakes, they’ll correct them. If it’s something particularly egregious or something that we have a question about, we’ll reach out to you. Usually, what happens is that our document processors fix the error, and then we just pass the form along to the relevant authorities. That way, you get it back as soon as possible. We know that vessel documentation can be confusing, but we’re here to make it simpler at (866) 981-8783.