Reasons Every Boat Owner Should Know the US Coast Guard Phone Number

us coast guard phone number

The US Coast Guard phone number is a vital piece of information for any boat owner. A good rule of thumb is to have it near the phone in your boat. You might also consider keeping the phone number as a contact in your cell phone so that you have more than one place to find if the need for it arises, whether you’re on the water at the time or not. The number may be different from place to place, so be sure you find the correct number for your location. So why is it so important to have this phone number? Keep reading for the top reasons.

You Have an Emergency

The primary reason for a boat owner to have the Coast Guard phone number on hand is in case of an emergency. The entity can coordinate rescue operations, as well as search and rescue, if necessary. You can also contact the Coast Guard anytime you’re on the water and your safety is compromised. In these times of distress, it’s vital to call as soon as possible and provide relevant information. You’ll use the term “mayday” to inform the dispatch of an emergency. You’ll then be asked to provide as much information as you can, including your location, the nature of the emergency, how many people are on the vessel, your boat’s name, number, and description, and what safety equipment is available on the boat. 

When There’s No Alternate Source of Assistance

Normally, if you are not in distress and there is someone else nearby who can assist you, it’s best not to use Coast Guard resources. The Coast Guard can help coordinate that assistance for you. If you cannot find any other person or entity to help, you can let the Coast Guard know and proceed as above. 

To Check In

If you are not in distress and are awaiting help from an alternate source, you can call the Coast Guard back if the situation becomes an emergency. You can also contact them if you change positions. Other examples of times to call back include if your boat begins to fill with water, a storm is approaching or a medical situation on board arises. 

Other Situations

In some cases, an alternate source can’t provide the help you need. This could be if the assistance poses the risk of damage to your vessel, the providing entity doesn’t have the proper equipment or insurance, and the crew is unable to safely carry out rescue or other procedures on your vessel. In these instances, you can call the Coast Guard for backup assistance. Additionally, if you are being asked to pay a fee for the help, be sure the entity can produce a Coast Guard license. 

Having the US Coast Guard phone number offers peace of mind when you’re on the water. Keeping it someplace where you can find it easily is important if you ever find yourself in an emergency. For this and all other assistance you need to keep your boat ready for the water, contact usvesseldocumentation. center today. We can help.