The Importance of Vessel Documentation Renewal: Why Keeping Your Paperwork Up to Date Matters

vessel documentation renewal

Fishing from your boat offers plenty of advantages. You can also travel anywhere you go. With the necessary documentation, you can travel and traverse international waters. However, just like owning a car, having a boat requires regular upkeep and proper documentation. Before you can even use your vessel internationally, you need to have it documented with the US Coast Guard. And you have to renew it every year through vessel documentation renewal

Keeping Vessel Documentation Renewal Up-to-Date 

Renewing the documentation is a vital process to ensure that your boat is in compliance with the US Coast Guard (USCG) regulations. Keeping the document updated ensures legal proof of ownership and guarantees that you have the right to operate your boat legally on the water. 

Documentation as a Legal Requirement 

It is a legal requirement in the US for boats that are more than five net tons and are used for commercial purposes or travel in international waters. The documentation provides important information about the boat, including ownership, nationality, and tonnage. It also serves as proof of ownership, making it easier for you to sell, transfer or mortgage your boat. 

Not a One-Time Process 

As mentioned, vessel documentation needs to be renewed every year to remain valid. If you do not renew it, it can result in fines, penalties, and revocation of the documentation. Thus, it is crucial to stay on top of the process and submit the necessary documents on time. 

The US Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) is responsible for processing all vessel documentation and renewal applications to start the precise. You must complete and submit the application. As mentioned, this documentation is necessary if you are planning to use your boat in international waters. This certification is recognized internationally. It is easier for you to enter and leave any foreign port. 

Is Your Boat Eligible? 

Not all boats, however, are eligible for vessel documentation. There are several requirements that you need to comply with before the application is approved. One of these requirements is your US citizenship. Plus, the boat must weigh a minimum of five net tons. If your vessel is greater than 27 feet, then it definitely meets the minimum requirement. 

Ensuring Successful Renewal

Working with our documentation service can be helpful to ensure your renewal is successful. As a provider, we can handle all aspects of the process, including preparing and submitting the application. It ensures that the necessary papers are in order. 

Document Your Boat

There are numerous advantages to documenting your boat. But, as mentioned, it is not suited for all boats. If your boat meets the requirements, you are likely to get a US Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation. It makes your boat difficult to hijack. Furthermore, your boat’s value will be higher and it will be quicker to sell it. 

vessel documentation renewal

How to Renew? 

If you want the quickest vessel documentation renewal, make sure to use our service. Or you may read our FAQ section for any more needed information.